Cows in the Sale Barn

Bethel Homestead Hazel (a2/a2) SOLD!

Bethel Homestead Hazel (a2/a2) SOLD! $4000 SOLD!

Hazel is a sweet girl who was bottle fed. She has a super sweet disposition. She is A2/A2 and looking for nice home where she will be loved. She won't last, so give us a call.

GLF Joker (a2/a2)

GLF Joker (a2/a2) $1800 PRICE REDUCED!

Joker was born 4/9/18 and can be sold when weaned. He will most likely be a tall Mini or a Short Mid-Size. His Dam is Umbletown Mim she is 42" at 6 years. His Sire is an Unregistered Mid-Size Misty Morning Midsize A2/A2 Bull 45" at 2 years he was out of a Mid-Size and Mini also (picture available upon request). He is A2/A2, Non-Carrier, Horned (will have him debuded if you want). Currently working on halter training. Contact me for any other details.

HCC Mocha (a2/a2) SALE PENDING!


HCC Mocha is A2/A2 and is homozygous polled. He will be weaned by the first week of November. He will be halter trained and is dual registered. He is negative for BD1, BLV, BVD, and Johnnies. Check out our website at! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

HCC Prudence (a1/a2)

HCC Prudence (a1/a2) $3500

HCC Prudence is A1/A2 and is heterozygous polled! She is beginning halter training classes and will be ready for her new home by the first week of November. She is dual registered. Check out her detailed info on our website; or call us if you have any questions!

HCC Malachi (A1/A2) SOLD!

HCC Malachi (A1/A2) SOLD! $850 SOLD!

HCC Malachi is A1/A2 and has been disbudded. He is halter trained and very gentle. He has never been mean. He is dual registered and is ready to go to his new home whenever he finds a herd of his own! Check out his details on our website: or call us if you have any questions!

KN Paula's TH (a2/a2)

KN Paula's TH (a2/a2) $4000

We are offering our little beauty, TH, to a good home. She is being dam raised but we handle her often and lead her with a lead. She is out of two really nice lineage animals and has been tested for a2/a2 beta casein. She can leave when weaned at age 3 months.  Please call us for more info

TDH Princess Serena (a1/a2)

TDH Princess Serena (a1/a2) $3600 Price Reduced!

A1/A2 Homozygous Polled Heifer pictured at 1.5 months of age Sire: TDH Dino Smurf / Dam: DC Princess Elsa, pedigrees and pics of both can be viewed on website Dino on the bull page and Elsa on the cow page This little heifer was 22.5"@birth so she may grow into midsize, most of my calves are born between 21" and 22". She should make a very nice milk cow as she has some great milking genetics from the DC lines, Smurf lines, and Meadow Beauty. Comes from BLV, BVD, Johne's, & Brucellosis free herd. South of Houston Tx Price includes 6 conventional straws of Fraziers Credentials Rio.

Miracle Heather (a2/a2) SALE PENDING!

Miracle Heather (a2/a2) SALE PENDING! $5000 Sale Pending!

Beautiful A2A2 mid-size heifer. Heather is quiet and easy to handle and DNA testing shows that she has great cheese making genetics with Kappa Casein BB and Beta Lactoglobulin BB as well. Although Heather will be a mid-size cow, her dam and sire are both minis. Heather is very feminine and fine boned, very nice qualities for mini Jerseys.

MHA Nicodemus (a2/a2)

MHA Nicodemus (a2/a2) $3000

Beautiful and gentle A2A2 bull that has tested negative for BLV, BVD and Johnes. Nicky has a good temperament, a beautiful face and head, and fine legs and feet. Nicky has been successfully breeding our cows this spring and is now ready to find a new home.

MPRR Bonnie Blue (A1/a2)

MPRR Bonnie Blue (A1/a2) $3300

Bonnie is nice cow. 42 inches. Polled. She had a lovely heifer calf in January (Calf in center of photo next to Bonnie). Our herd is negative for BLV, BVDV, Johnes, Brucella, & TB. Bonnie has her BANGS vaccination. We have all testing records. She is still in milk as her calf is still with her. Although, He calf is eating pasture and hay so may not be taking much milk. Bonnie stands well for milking when we milk her. Selling Bonnie because we had 6 heifer calves this spring and summer and need to downsize our herd.

MPRR Sunset (a1/a2)

MPRR Sunset (a1/a2) $3300

Sunset is 37 inches at 14 months. Her mother is 41 inches at three years. Her sire was 41 inches at three. She is A1/A2, AB / BB Homozygous Polled. She also carries the recessive red ( e-) gene. She is currently open. Negative for BLV, BVDV, Johnes, Brucellosis & TB. She has her BANGS vaccination. Should make a great cow. Her mother is a terrific gentle cow and gives a lot of milk. We simply do not have the time to work with her and would like a good home for her. We are downsizing our herd so she is for sale.

MPRR Simba (a2/a2)

MPRR Simba (a2/a2) 4000 obo

MPRR Simba is a beautiful bull and has serviced our herd well. He is ready to move to a new farm to prevent inbreeding. We handle him and he is a gentle bull in temperament. If interested, please call us. We are AMISH and do not use email, phone is the way to contact us.  We are in the eastern part of PA. thanks

Blue Mill Meadows Julius (a2/a2)

Blue Mill Meadows Julius (a2/a2) $3000

Julius is a gentle, small, A2A2 bull. He was dam-raised on our farm, on pasture and hay, and handles easily. His sire and dam have Riverview lines including Gene. He also has paint in his lines. Kappa casein BB and Beta Lactoglobulin AB. You can see more information at

MPRR Little Buster (a1/a2)

MPRR Little Buster (a1/a2) $3500

A1A2. Great herd sire. Have used him now for several years. Well behaved. Bred by Allen Stoltzfus, PA. Need new blood.