Cows in the Sale Barn

Doe Creek's Diva (a1/a1)

Doe Creek's Diva (a1/a1) $4500

Hetero polled heifer bred for a early May 2018 calf. Diva is right at 41 inches tall and is 19 months old. She should mature to around 43 inches. She is halter broke and leads well. She stays in very good condition on our grass only feeding program. She does love her alfalfa pellets and will follow you to the moon for a taste! She is bred to our mini jersey, A2/A2 hetero polled bull, Rush Farm's Kristoff. Pictures and more info on Kristoff can be viewed on my website... She is from a disease free herd and will be tested for her new owner along with vet health papers for out of state travel. Delivery can be arranged for a fair price. Contact me for more info on Diva. 432-290-4076 Hope Davis Texas Star Jerseys Grass-fed family cows 432-290-4076

Hairston's Rambo (a1/a2)

Hairston's Rambo (a1/a2) $2500

HAIRSTON'S RAMBO is a triple registered miniature jersey bull. He has matured to only 41 inches tall and is 5 years old. He is an extremely handsome bull with a pet-like, friendly temperament. He has been DNA tested, is A2/B, and is a Non-Carrier of BD1 . He comes from fantastic mini milking lines and is a proven bull. He has the height, confirmation, color, genetics, and personality to make him a wonderful choice for your herd sire. He is registered with the Miniature Jersey Herdbook (MJHB0723), the American Miniature Jersey Association (AMJ1610P), and the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry (IMCBR 5151). $2500

MHF Barnaby (A1/A1)

MHF Barnaby (A1/A1) $1,800

We acquired Barnaby at around 5 months of age, and halter-trained him as a calf. As a bull, he is still friendly and leadable; however, he thinks humans like to "play" like bulls, and he will push/butt his head at you when you come close to pet him. Because of this, instead of leading him by foot, we now lead him by tractor. However, he is still fairly easy to catch, and generally trustworthy. He can be tied for brushing, washing, etc. without issue. He has produced two calves, a heifer and a bull, with high probability of two more on the way.

Semen Tank w/units and AI equip

Semen Tank w/units and AI equip $400

I have a Taylor-Wharton 18XT Semen Tank for sale for $400. The $400 price includes the tank, 5 AI guns for cattle, 2 thawing units, lube, gloves and tool box. I have 13 straws in the tank. Six of the straws are Miniature Jersey semen. Seven of the straws are small standard Jersey. I am selling the straws for $20 a piece if someone purchases all of them. Otherwise the straws are $30 a piece. They are in addition to the tank. Quality semen from quality sires. This is a good tank with no leaks. We just sold our cows so I have no need for a tank any longer. Sunshine Acres Loyal - A2/A2, homozygous polled, 40" at 4 year old - 1 straw Riverview Gene - A2/A1 - 1 straw Dexter Corner Orlando - A1/A1, polled, 42" at 5 years old - 1 straw Dextor Corner Royal - A1/A1, polled, 43" at 5 years old - 2 straws Sureshot Ambassador - A2/A2, 1- straw Jersey Knoll Hercules - A2/A2 - 1 straw Navigator - 3 straws Margarethe's Dairyman - 3 straws This is a great deal. Semen is usually $50 to $75 a straw. I am not shipping any straws so this would have to be a local purchase only. I am in Mesa, Arizona. Contact: Natascha Jewell at 660.988.2678 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Location: Mesa, Arizona (I make frequent trips to Utah)

Izzybelle A2/A2

Izzybelle A2/A2 $7000

Izzybelle is an A2A2 mini jersey that we have owned since 2013. She is currently bred to Jewels Lil General; he is A2A2. She is due March 26, 2018. We artificially breed here at our farm. Izzy is a great momma-- she has had 3 calves . we don't milk her consistently because we don't need the milk (we milk her daughter). She is easy to keep and is a big baby and will follow you anywhere if she thinks you have a treat . Izzy is halter broke and leads easy.

Izzy's calf will be automatically a2a2 also...and she will be able to milk by springtime when she calves!  Izzy is horned, but they can be banded to remove them, we just didn't bother.

Blue Mill Meadow Maximus (a2/a2)

Blue Mill Meadow Maximus (a2/a2) $3800

Maximus is now almost 3 years old and is just at 40". He is A2A2 and heterozygous polled. He was born on our farm, dam raised and pasture raised. His sire, Alpha, has bloodlines from Riverview and Meadow Beauty and his dam has Riverview Gene lines. He is a proven bull with a calm temperament. For more information please call or visit