Cows in the Sale Barn

Doe Creek's Diva (a1/a1) SALE PENDING!

Doe Creek's Diva (a1/a1) SALE PENDING! $4500

Hetero polled heifer bred for a early May 2018 calf. Diva is right at 41 inches tall and is 19 months old. She should mature to around 43 inches. She is halter broke and leads well. She stays in very good condition on our grass only feeding program. She does love her alfalfa pellets and will follow you to the moon for a taste! She is bred to our mini jersey, A2/A2 hetero polled bull, Rush Farm's Kristoff. Pictures and more info on Kristoff can be viewed on my website... She is from a disease free herd and will be tested for her new owner along with vet health papers for out of state travel. Delivery can be arranged for a fair price. Contact me for more info on Diva. 432-290-4076 Hope Davis Texas Star Jerseys Grass-fed family cows 432-290-4076


                                     SALE PENDING!!

WSF Cayenne (a1/a1)

WSF Cayenne (a1/a1) $4,000

>In calf Cayenne is a gentle, plucky little cow who has been on our farm since about 4 months old. She has had one previous calf, with her second due around beginning to mid April. The sire will have to be confirmed at birth, but is extremely likely to be MHF Barnaby, also on our farm as of this posting (he is for sale as well). Barnaby is registered on the same registry, with a height of 43”. Cayenne is used to humans, dogs, and horses. She can be milked by machine or by hand. With her first calf, she gave 2-4 gallons of milk a day. She is halter trained, and is used to being led and tied daily for milking. Local transportation is possible. Short video of her, here:

White Star Farm Tessa (a1/a1)

White Star Farm Tessa (a1/a1) $5000 for mated pair, includes bull WSF Percy

Tessa is turning 1 year old this April, along with Percy. Tessa is a beautiful Midi-heifer, which is predicted to be between 44"-46". Percy is a small bull, at about 35" so far. He could help bring down the size of your herd. Both have fantastic lineages, which include Riverview lines, Dwight Lewis lines, and Ralph Martin lines. Tessa is very friendly and loves attention. She has beautiful eyes with natural eye liner and super long eye lashes. Percy comes when called, most of the time. I use a scoop of grain or a brush to lead him when necessary. He does like to push his head on us (and everything else). I just pet him or brush him to divert his attention. Both are heterozygous and A1/A1. Tessa's known lineage goes back several generations and they have all been true miniature jerseys. Her calves most likely will be miniature, especially if mated to a small bull like Percy. Both are in their full winter coats in these photos. I had a difficult time taking Tessa's picture because she wants to be right next to me. They are being offered as a mated pair for $5,000

White Star Farm Percy (a1/a1)

White Star Farm Percy (a1/a1) $5,000 as a mated pair with WSF Tessa

Percy is being offered as a mated pair with WSF Tessa. He is a small bull at about 35"-36", so he could help bring down the size of your herd. He is relatively friendly, and wants attention. He usually answers when called by name, followed with smooches. I lead him about with either a brush or a scoop of grain. He does like to push on us with his head (and everything else)! To divert his attention, I usually pet or brush him. In April, both are turning one year old, and Percy is ready to service your herd. Tessa will be ready to breed VERY soon. Tessa loves attention and will be at your side as soon as you open the gate. Nothing better than a good scratch under to chin! Both are in full winter coats in these photos, which are current. Their lineage has Riverview, Dwight Lewis, and Ralph Martin lines, which can be seen in the Herd Book.

MPRR Bonnie Blue (A1/a2)

MPRR Bonnie Blue (A1/a2) $6000

Bonnie is a young cow at three yrs old. She recently gave us a beautiful little a2 heifer calf. We are going o retain the heifer calf so we are selling Bonnie. We are downsizing our herd. Our farm is in Utah and is not quite as big as the one we used to have in PA. Bonnie stands well for milking. She is currently in milk and can leave our farm when her calf is weaned or we may have one of our other cows in milk adopt the calf. Bonnie has a good cream content to her milk. I have left the calf on Bonnie as I have not had time to milk her daily. Once and awhile we milk her to get milk for ourselves. So, I would guess that the calf is only pulling a gallon or so a day. Bonnie is not being pushed to produce a lot. The cows in our herd generally produce 2-4 gallons a day.

TW (a2/a2)

TW (a2/a2) $5000.00

TUDDIE is a nice mid size cow. She is A2A2 and Heterozygous polled. She is bred back to MPRR HANS who is a A2A2 Homozygous polled bull. She is due to calve in October. She can be machine or hand milked. Currently she is being milked once a day and produces about 2 gallons. She is a nice quiet cow and will make a nice addition to your farm. She has been tested negative for BLV, Johnes, BVD. We will do a pregnancy confirmation test with down payment. Calves with no problems. Price reflects a disproportionate udder. No mastitis and hand or machine milks.

Bethel Homestead  Asa (a2/a2)

Bethel Homestead Asa (a2/a2) $4000.00

ASA is a really nice LITTLE bull. Only reason his is for sale, he is to small for our larger cows. Bottle fed, nice temperament and needs a good home with some miniature ladies. He is A2A2 and Homozygous Polled.