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Dixie Pride Darla (11/30)

In order to make room for two heifers born this year, we have made the tough decision to offer Darla for sale. Darla is 33 months old, born 2-10-17, and is a lovely light golden fawn color. Her dam is Deborah Wright’s Haven Little Debbie (MJHB0147), who she resembles, and her sire is Pole Bridge Farm Everett (MJHB0444), two of our all-time favorites. Darla was bred at 15 months old and easily calved right at 2 years old with a beautiful heifer calf out of White Star Farm Little White Cloud (MJHB0431), who measured 42” at 3 years old, a true miniature. Her daughter is being retained. The breeding has been repeated, and she has been exposed to Cloud since late spring. We believe she was bred June 23rd making her due in March 2020. This is not guaranteed, she could have been bred earlier or later. At 32 months old Darla measures 44” and will be a small mid-size Jersey. She is A1/A1 and non-carrier BD1 by parentage. She comes with heavy milk production in her dam’s genetics, and a calm disposition from both sides.
  • Price: $3,800

White Star Farm Zenith

WSF Zenith Is by a favorite bull Of WSF, MHF Tommy Hawk he is sweet, proven producer of one heifer this yr. from the one cow he was bred to. He has done his job and needs new ladies. He is Heterozygous polled but does has some horn growth and they are very loose scurs.
  • Price: $2500.00

Diamond L Farm Elsa

Elsa produced 1-1/2 gals of milk on once a day milking. She is due to calve in Feb_march 2020.
  • Price: $7500.00
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