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Homestead Oaks Hannah - SOLD!

  • Price: SOLD!!

Wishing Well's Latte - SOLD!

This lovely little heifer calf is halter broke and loves to eat apples and carrots from our hands. She is a very rich red color, which is quite striking. We only want to keep two cows, so we are selling her. She was dam raised and is still with her mother and Aunt. She is A1A2, and is chrondo Negative, and polled. SOLD!!
  • Price: $4000 SOLD!!

KN Paula's Peanut

This little beauty has it all!! Both her parents are 41 inches to this date. Paula is 6 Tommy is 5. She has been tested at UC Davis. She is A2A2!!! Negative for dwarfism. She has been dehorned. I have a copy of her test results if you would like to see them. And she is drop dead gorgeous like her mother! Paul’s is a beautiful “type” full mood registered mini jersey. She gives 3 gallons of milk on only 1/2 acre pasture, no grain. When I want milk I seperate “peanut” and machine milk her Tommy is a WONDERFUL bull. He loves horse treats and will come trotting across the pasture to get one and a neck scratch
  • Price: $3800

Misty Meadows Farm Little Tru-Man

Covenant Farm Figaro

Figaro is a Spring 2018 bull calf. He is a very nice little guy, out of CF Abu, with dam IH Peaches. He is a red fawn and currently stands 28". Both parents are under 42" and we expect he will follow the trend and stay small. He is A1A2, has a Kappa Casein of B/B and is homozygous polled. He will make a fine Junior Herd Sire for 2019!
  • Price: $1000

Covenant Farm Maestro

Maestro is a Spring 2018 Bull Calf. He is already showing masculine traits and is very small at 27" at 3 months. He is a lovely red fawn out of CF Abu. He has tested A1A2, with a Kappa Casein of B/B and is Heterozygous polled. Excellent potential as a future herd sire to bring the size of your herd down or to just maintain your mini herd.
  • Price: $1000

Covenant Farm Bailey

Meet Bailey - a summer 2018 heifer calf. She is an adorable little pixy heifer - our smallest born this year and only 24" at 3 months. She has been tested as A1A2, Kappa Casein B/B and is homozygous polled. She is friendly and inquisitive and has her mother's sweet personality. He mother has a beautiful udder, as does her sire's lines. She will make a nice addition to any milking herd or for a single-cow family.
  • Price: $3500

Covenant Farm Breeze

Meet Breeze - this beautiful cow is a dream to milk, with her quiet, gentle personality. She has a beautiful udder and would make a perfect "1st cow" for any family. She is out of Meadow Beauty's Little Dream, has been tested A1A1 and is homozygous polled. She is a very lovely mouse fawn and currently stands at 41" at 2 years of age. Her mother was a mid-mini at 43" maturity, and we expect Breeze to probably finish about that same height. She has been exposed to our A2A2 bull CF Houdini and will be confirmed for pregnancy in the next month.
  • Price: $4500

Dixie Pride Pistol Pete

Mini Jersey bull. "Pistol Pete" is going to a great herd sire. He was born at 23" tall. His dam is Dixie Pride Honey Bun and is 44" tall. Pistol Pete's Sire is Pole Bridge Everett. Pete is one of the very few bulls we have had out of Everett . Everett gave us six heifers and this is the only little bull calf he threw. Pete is a very nicely put together little man. His dam has a beautiful udder with great attachment and a gentle temperament. Pete is a very a very beautiful fawn bull. He is A1/A1 and will be dehorned. He is currently 4 1/2 months old will be available at weaning. He is dam raised. Dam and grand dam are excellent milkers.
  • Price: $1800.

KMM Molly

KMM MOLLY THE PERFECT BEGINNERS MILK COW. Hand or machine milk this tame and loveable cow. Easy keeper with very high butter fat. 5 year old A1A2 mini Jersey cow in milk for 30 days. 41 inches at 3 years, BD1 non-carrier, Johne's negative. Registered with MJHB&R & AMJA&R I have been around a lot of cows and I can recommend this one to a beginner. We milk her once a day and get 4 gallons.
  • Price: $3500

K&K Action Anne's Golden Sunrise (standard)

"Sunrise" is a perfectly halter-trained, calm A2/A2 milker, experienced with hand milking, and with both electric and non-electric milking machines. She was born May 2011 and is mid sized (48"), She now lives in Northeast Missouri. She has lived as part of a small herd of cows, then later with just one Nubian goat as her friend. She is accustomed to dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks. Her reliable presence is a pleasure. She has high udder attachment, long legs, and she produces well.. After a short bout of mastitis last fall, we dried off one of her quarters, but we have hope that it will recover after a freshening. She last freshened in August 2017, and is currently milking about a gallon with one daily milking. We are a one-milker family operation , and have decided to sell her in favor of her smaller daughter. Her recent AI did not succeed, and we believe she needs to be with a bull to be bred. Since that scenario is impossible for us, we are selling her at a great discount.
  • Price: $1,250 OBO
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