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Blue Cochin Farm Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy is beautiful and healthy with a sweet disposition like her Mama, Lucy. We have had to move, so must sell our small herd. We have Autumn Joy, her mama (Lucy), and daddy (Finnegan). We are selling together or separately. Willing to negotiate a great price for the right family who will love and take good care of our dear cattle.
  • Price: $3500

Blue Mill Meadows Julius

Julius is a gentle, small, A2A2 bull. He was dam-raised on our farm, on pasture and hay, and handles easily. His sire and dam have Riverview lines including Gene. He also has paint in his lines. Kappa casein BB and Beta Lactoglobulin AB. You can see more information at
  • Price: $3000

Blue Mill Meadows Ruthie

Ruthie is a very friendly heifer. She was raised on our farm, dam-raised for over 6 months and pasture raised. She is A2B (A2A1 variant) and 44". Her dam has excellent milk production and longevity. Her sire, who was 41.5" at 26 months has Riverview lines including Riverview Gene. Ruthie is bred to an A2A2 bull. She is Kappa Casein BB. More information is available at
  • Price: $3000

Cory's HMF JonBoy

JonBoy is a great little bull calf. He is A2A2 . He has a great personality. We bottle raised him and he is now eating grain and hay-- he would still like a bottle but he is weaned. He would make a great herd sire someday. He is up to date on his shots. He leads well . I will send more pics upon request.
  • Price: $3500

Diamond L Farm Liberty (Libby)

Miss Liberty (Libby) is a really nice family cow. We are selling down by two cows for winter hay season. Libby has been hand milked here and is trained on machine. She is an excellent mother, breeds well and is bred now to our bull, Hunting Creek Buster. The calf should be superb! Libby is halter broke and leads, is a1/a1 beta casein, 43" tall at 4 years of age, BLV, BVD, Johnes negative, hetero polled, has a beautifully balanced/well attached udder and ready to go to her new home! Please call for more details...thanks you
  • Price: $3500/bred

KMM Lil' Red Berry

Good bull calf 3/4 mini genetics. A1/A2, dehorned and calm calf. Sire is mini. Dam is 1/2 standard and grand daughter to Javon, a champion standard bull. Dam is a heavy milker with a good, high udder.
  • Price: $2000

Lubenow's Sans Souci Pip Squeak

A1/A2 very small Johnes test coming later this week. A real beauty can leave for the right family to feed by bottle through weaning. Should make a wonderful small dairy cow in the near future! Please contact me for more information. Thanks
  • Price: $3000

MPRR Bonnie Blue

Bonnie is nice cow. 42 inches. Polled. She had a lovely heifer calf in January (Calf in center of photo next to Bonnie). Our herd is negative for BLV, BVDV, Johnes, Brucella, & TB. Bonnie has her BANGS vaccination. We have all testing records. She is still in milk as her calf is still with her. Although, He calf is eating pasture and hay so may not be taking much milk. Bonnie stands well for milking when we milk her. Selling Bonnie because we had 6 heifer calves this spring and summer and need to downsize our herd.
  • Price: $2950

MPRR Little Buster

A1A2. Great herd sire. Have used him now for several years. Well behaved. Bred by Allen Stoltzfus, PA. Need new blood.
  • Price: $3500

MPRR Simba

MPRR Simba is a beautiful bull and has serviced our herd well. He is ready to move to a new farm to prevent inbreeding. We handle him and he is a gentle bull in temperament. If interested, please call us. We are AMISH and do not use email, phone is the way to contact us. We are in the eastern part of PA. thanks
  • Price: $3500 OBO

Sacred Ridge Farm Lacey

A2/A2 beta casein. 7/8ths Jersey 1/8th Guernsey. Will be a great little family milk cow. Comes from disease negative parents (BLV, BVD, Johne's)
  • Price: $3500

White Star Farm Bobbie Jo (Lucy)

We have had Lucy since she was weaned. She is the most gentle and loving creature that God put on this earth. We love her, and selling her is extremely difficult for us. In fact, we will not sell her until her beau (Finnegan) and daughter (Autumn Joy) sell. Lucy will go last, if at all. We have had to move, so must sell our small herd. Willing to negotiate a great price for the right family who will love and take good care of our dear cattle. Again, we must sell our other cattle before we sell Lucy, but for the right family, we could at least make plans.
  • Price: $4500

Wishing Well's Latte

This lovely little heifer calf is halter broke and loves to eat apples and carrots from our hands. She is a very rich red color, which is quite striking. We only want to keep two cows, so we are selling her. She was dam raised and is still with her mother and Aunt. She is A1A2, and is chrondo Negative, and polled.
  • Price: $4000

Miracle Happy

Happy is a darling little A2A2 cow with a wonderful personality, great conformation and good milk genetics. She is 12.5% Dexter and as such as excellent feet and legs. Her dam was only 40" tall as a 5 year old. If you are looking to increase the A2 genetics and small size in your herd, Happy may be just what you are looking for.
  • Price: $3500


Finnegan is an awesome bull, easy to handle, and from the most outstanding bloodline. We have had to move, so must sell our small herd. We have Finnegan and his bride (Lucy), as well as their heifer calf (Autumn Joy). We are selling together or separately. Willing to negotiate a great price for the right family who will love and take good care of our dear cattle.
  • Price: $3000

KN Paula's Peanut

This little beauty has it all!! Both her parents are 41 inches to this date. Paula is 6 Tommy is 5. She has been tested at UC Davis. She is A2A2!!! Negative for dwarfism. She has been dehorned. I have a copy of her test results if you would like to see them. And she is drop dead gorgeous like her mother! Paul’s is a beautiful “type” full mood registered mini jersey. She gives 3 gallons of milk on only 1/2 acre pasture, no grain. When I want milk I seperate “peanut” and machine milk her Tommy is a WONDERFUL bull. He loves horse treats and will come trotting across the pasture to get one and a neck scratch
  • Price: $4500

Misty Meadows Farm Little Tru-Man

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