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Askins Ranch Daisy

Acadia’s Cookie (Pipsqueek 2)


Adam's Little MacGreggor (Max) (D)

AEA Sabrina

Amber Dawn (OA)

Andersland Laurel (Comet -standard)

Anderson Acres Nutmeg

Anderson Acres Redemption (Remy)

We are offering 3 month old "Remy" for sale. Because she is on milk, you will either need to have milk for her, or we can take a deposit and hold her for you until she is weaned at 5 months. Remy is tested negative for Johne's, and is A1/A2, heterozygous polled. Our herd is hands-on and well cared for. She is still skittish at this time due to her age, but we are working to get her more used to different stimuli, and she is improving daily. Her mom is Pine Knoll Farm Shelby Lynn. Shelby Lynn has a very nice, high set bag and can produce at least 4 gallons a day. Her dad is Hunting Creek Bronson, the mildest-mannered bull we have had to date. So far, his record for siring heifers is impeccable. Both are on our farm for viewing. We believe Remy will finish as a mid-sized Jersey like her mom. She is currently 29 inches tall. After sale agreement, local delivery within 50 miles is available if needed (zip 35963). Anything after that, and we will have to ask for compensation for the time and gas. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  • Price: $2,800 - SOLD!!!

Anderson Acres Simon

Anna (R)

Annette's Angel

Ansley Martin's Annie (R)

Ansley Martin's Minnie

We are offering Ansley Martin's Minnie to a new home. Minnie hails from the farm of one of the original breeders of mini Jerseys, Ralph Martin. Martin's son, is her breeder from Martins' stock. She calved on June 15, and is fresh in milk. Minnie is trained to milk on machine and stand untied without kicking. She is also halter trained. Minnie will produce 4 gallons per day on twice daily, then at three months fresh, we take her to once daily in the mornings. She comes to her name when called. Minnie is a1/a2 beta casein, homo polled and painted all over. She stands right at 41" tall at 6 years. She breeds and calves easily and without assistance. Minnie is a lovable cow in the barn at milking, but in the field, she prefers to be on her own. We are offering Minnie with her bull calf, which we have put on bottle from her milk as of yesterday. We bottle feed every calf from our farm to assure that they bond to humans and remain friendly. If you are looking for a first family cow, Minnie will be a good one. She is priced to sell with her calf and in milk. Contact us for more information...706-348-2257
  • Price: $5000 w/bull calf and in milk

Apple Cinnamon Flossie

Applebee of Misty Morning Farm (R)

April of Sunset Farm

ASF Allegiant (R)

ASF Belle

ASF Cassie

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