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White Star Farm Zenith

Zenith is a true miniature mature height is 42 at 3yrs old. Zenith is a friendly bull that loves to be scratched and brushed, he is a proven breeder. He sire is one of WSFs favorite bulls Tommy Hawk, Zenith is Hetero polled and A1/A2 on Beta Casein.
  • Price: $2500

White Star Farm Tova

WSF Tova is a very well bred, true miniature, will remain so, and is gorgeous! She if fully registered in he MJHB&R and DNA is on file with UCDavis. She is confirmed disease negative for BLV, BVD and Johne's as well as confirmed in calf with WSF Boomerang for a late spring 2021 calf. Miss Tova is a1a2 and hetero polled. Her calf could be a1a1, a1a2 or a2a2 but will be polled. She will wear a halter, but is not trained yet to walk on it and is a bit suspicious of new people until she gets to know you. I have lost my farm helper and need to reduce....she is NOT a fire sale, but I need to find a good home for her quickly. Please contact me for more info or to come meet her. Thank you
  • Price: SOLD!!

Doe's Creek Pistol Pete

Proven bull. Pete has fathered 9 calves on our little farm in 2 years. He was incredibly effective with our mid-sized jerseys. Only one of the 9 has been male. Well tempered. We need to bring new genetics to our herd. For sale or fair trade of another proven, registered, genetically-polled miniature jersey bull.
  • Price: $3000
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