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Entry of Bull, Cow, or Calf

Entry of Bull, Cow, or Calf $25.00

Submission and entry of your cattle establishes permanent record in the MJHB&R.  We offer a pictorial progression of lineages available to all current paid members 24/7/365 online.  Offspring (as they occur) will also be recorded, as well as DNA documented history of the animal.  The initial JUNIOR Certificate cost will also cover the PERMANENT Certificate at age of three years.  (To receive the permanent Certificate please return the Junior Certificate to: MJHB&R, P.O. Box 2022, Cleveland, GA 30528.)

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2020 MJHB&R Calendar

2020 MJHB&R Calendar $30.00

ORDER NOW BEFORE THEY'RE GONE                         SOLD OUT!

The updated 2019 Calendars will have a new selection of cattle photos chosen to showcase your farm stock! Unfortunately, shipping tubes and actual mailing costs have increased, so we had to reflect this in our pricing for this year.  Prices still include postage and mailing tube. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! All profits returned to the MJHB&R. THANK YOU for your continued support!

LIFETIME Membership Fee

LIFETIME Membership Fee $500.00

With a PAID LIFETIME  Membership, you will receive your Registration Certificates and transfers for $5  each. (All cattle being registered or transferred must be owned by you.)  This price is only valid on entries submitted within 90 days of birth.  After 90 days, regular fees will apply.  No prorating of entries, discounted pricing begins for any stock born on your farm and from the day your lifetime membership is recorded.  You will also receive a FREE annual MJHB&R Calendar.  The effective date will be the date that the Lifetime Membership is paid in full.  

There will be other benefits added in the future to this membership. Thank you for your support!

Transfer/Replacement of Certificate of Registration

Transfer/Replacement of Certificate of Registration $10.00

Replacement of Certificate:
To request a certified copy for a lost or destroyed Certificate, please contact us.  All replacements will incur a fee of $10 each

Transfer of Certificate:
Please see the reverse side of the original Certificate for pricing for transfers.  Return the original Certificate for transfer by mail to: MJHB, P.O.Box 2022, Cleveland, GA 30528, email at: or call us at 706-348-2257.   Learn More>>

Late Entry Fee - CALF

Late Entry Fee - CALF $30.00

All calves submitted by paid current members for entry 90 days or more after their date of birth, will incur a higher entry fee of $30 per submission

Non-Member Buyer/Joining - Transfer Fee

Non-Member Buyer/Joining - Transfer Fee $35.00

Non MJHB&R member Buyers may choose to join the MJHB&R, ($30 yr), receive an annual membership and their initial transfer(s) at time of joining, for a reduced fee of $5 each. This is the best  deal for new members! Please see the FEE SCHEDULE at for further information.

Non-Member Buyer/Not Joining - Transfer Fee

Non-Member Buyer/Not Joining - Transfer Fee $20.00

Non MJHB&R member Buyers may transfer Certificates for an increased cost of $20 each, when not provided by the Seller. Please see the FEE SCHEDULE at for further information.

Non-Current Member - Seller Fee

Non-Current Member - Seller Fee $25.00

Non-current paid MJHB&R members who do not transfer the animal at the time of sale on behalf of the Buyer, Buyer will incur an increased fee of $25 per transfer. Please see the FEE SCHEDULE at for further information.

Miscellaneous Payments $5 increments

Miscellaneous Payments $5 increments $5.00

Please use this tab to add increments of $5 to your order.  You may use this in multiples to complete an amount not presented here on our menu. 

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