This site maintains an annual private membership. You may JOIN HERE and follow the instructions. Once you become a member, you will be able to view the entire site, including pedigrees and photos. You will also be able to make submissions to the various pages. The membership listing is never made pubic and is viewable by the site Administrator only. Email addresses as well as contact infomation is never sold, bartered or used for any purpose other than for this site. 

Parts of this site are for “members only” because of the private information contained within. But, we do offer a Sale Barn listing for public viewing. This page will allow members as well as non-members searching for a particular miniature Jersey cow/bull or even a first time purchaser, to be able to make contact with breeders or sellers in one place at their convenience, saving time and money.


The Pedigree Listing is for current paying members only to view. All cattle entered into the Herd Book will be located there if they have fulfilled all the requirements for entry. Any cattle submitted and not found there are being held in a Pending Folder until verification can be completed.  All verifications will be completed within 72 hours if possible. Cows awaiting DNA results AFTER the initial 30 day grace period, will be moved into the Pending Folder until results have been obtained and submitted for updating. If results are not obtained within 30 days, the animal will be deleted and a new submission will be needed. (The Pending Folder is not viewable nor accessible except by the site Adminstrator.)


By using the Cattle Submission Form on the menu on the right, members may enter the required information to have their miniature Jersey cattle considered for entry into the Herd Book & Registry. A current photo and height is required with submission.   Instructions for DNA typing and reporting are found under the Instructions and Policies section on the menu.


The Sale Barn page is free for members to advertise their cattle, services or cow related items for sale and is open for the public to view 24/7/365. If you are a current member and want to place an advertisement for the sale of your miniature Jersey cattle or other related items, just use the "Sale Barn Submisssion Form" to submit your ad. Prices and a picture of the animal/item will be posted, if provided. All Sale Barn advertisements will remain acitve for a period of 30 days, but may be resubmitted for free after expiration. Just contact us on the "Contact Us" page to have any ad removed. It's as simple as that!


This section includes a map of the United States. The highlighted states currently have active technicians available. Just touch the highlighted state to open up the contact info for each technician. If anyone uses or knows of AI Techs who would like to advertised here, please have them contact us to be added to the map. It is always FREE for them to be listed and FREE for members to use. The more Techs we can locate and list, the more help we can be to each other.   


The Semen Sales section also allows members to advertise their registered miniature bull semen products for free by using the "Semen Sales Submission Form" . All Semen Sales advertisements will remain active for a period of one year, but may be resubmitted after expiration...and ALWAYS FREE for current members! We also offer an alphabetical listing of frozen semen suppliers with their contact information. 


The Semen Collection Site section is for breeders to easily locate collection facilities around the country to have their bulls collected. This page will save breeders time and money and will assist in finding the best sites for their needs and locations.


This section instructs you how to properly submit your cattle's DNA for testing, where to send it, how to collect it, etc. Any other rules for identifying cattle for the Herd Book & Registry are located there, such as tattooing, establishing farm letters, etc.


This section gives details about any fees charged on this site. This will include current membership fees, fees for submitting cattle into the Herd Book & Registry, etc. All fees may be paid by personal check, money order or PayPal. 



As always, please research all information and cattle carefully, then follow the guidelines set forth here to lessen the opportunity to be disappointed by unethical sellers. Choose your breeder/seller as carefully as you would choose your cow, calf or bull!

We are here to serve you professionally, efficiently and timely. Feedback is always welcome! We hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures scattered throughout the site. If you would like to submit your own miniature Jersey stock pictures for use on future pages, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.