All fees payable by check, money order or Paypal, no cash (keep a receipt for your record).

Annual Membership Fee: $40

Our membership is by subscription only. Your due date for renewal will be one year from the date that you join or renew.  A reminder will be emailed 3 days in advance of expiration to all recorded members who provide email addresses and keep them current.  If you change your email address, you will need to contact the Administrator to correct it for notification of renewal.  Membership fees pertain only to the Pedigree Listing, Members Only and other future portions of the site to protect the privacy of and offer extra value to our members. The remainder of the site is free and open to the public.

To renew membership with the Herd Book & Registry: 

Use the JOIN TODAY tab, fill out the form, then submit it.  (Read the disclaimer completely before checking the box.) Please forward your membership fee directly through the Pay for Services page  (or by personal check or Money Order to our post office box) and we will re-activate your membership upon receipt. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know that we have received your payment and that your account is re-activated. Thank You!

Entry of bulls, cows, calves: $35 per entry. This fee will also pay for the 3 year permanent Certificate of Registration. All fees are due and payable before any lineage work is performed or Registration papers issued. Once fees are received with proper documentation for the entrant, listing and registration will occur. This establishes permanent record for the animal in the MJHB&R and will show a pictorial progression of lineages, offspring (as they occur) as well as documented history of the animal.  Any animals not accepted into the MJHB&R for whatever reason, will be fully refunded within 1 business day from rejection with a letter of explanation or request of further validation.

To obtain a permanent Certificate of Registration: (no charge)
A current side profile photo of the cow or bull, along with a current height measurement will be required.  If the cow or bull has a standard Jersey dam, a Vet Height Form is required and be located below, printable from this site, scanned or mailed to the Herd Book Administrator.

Calves submitted for registration after 90 days from date of birth:  $40 per entry
Cows and bulls transferred after 60 days from date of sale:  $30 per transfer (regardless of membership)

Transfer ownership of Certificate of Registration: 
$15 for current members AND provided by Seller at time of sale (return original Certifcate to the MJHB&R with the back filled out completely)
$35 for non-current member Sellers
$35 for non-member Buyers (if Seller does not provide)
$40 Non-member Buyers may join the MJHB&R and receive their annual membership AND transfer for a lower fee
$30 after 60 days from the date of sale (regardless of membership)

To transfer your Certificate of Registration, please complete the transfer info on the reverse side of the ORIGINAL certificate and submit it by mail to: MJHB&R, P.O. Box 2022, Cleveland, GA 30528, along with the appropriate fee for transfer. Your new Certificate will be mailed within 5 business days. The SELLER is responsible to make the transfer. All animals being transferred which are over 90 days of age, must have a current photo and height measurement submitted when the transfer is made. 

Replacement for lost or destroyed Certificates: $20

Updated Certificates: $12.50
This includes new pictures or changes in any information. Re-issue due to DNA lineage corrections/errors are free.  Information and photos will be updated for FREE on the website at anytime and are encouraged, to keep the Herd Book up to date.  

Certificate of Registration with the official MJHB&R 

This Certificate will include a current picture of your cow, bull or calf. It will be embossed for authenticity and beautiful enough to frame. Details of the cow's direct pedigree and other pertinent information will be included as a professional addition to your personal animal files. Further information on the animal may be located on the Pedigree Listing page for that animal. Certificates will be issued and mailed upon acceptance into the Herd Book & Registry at no extra charge.

Certificates of Registration Categories:

Red/Gold Certificates: Permanent Certificates for Miniature Jersey cattle (42" and under at age 3 years)

Blue/Gold Certificates: Permanent Certificates for Breeding Stock (above 42", and under 44" at age 3 yrs) 

Green/Gold Certificates: Temporary Certificates for all cattle from birth to age three years (Junior Stock)

When the Junior Stock reaches three years of age, the breeder will need to submit a current photo as well as a recent measurement (Vet Height Certified if small standard) to receive a permanent Certificate of Registration.                                                        

After February 1, 2014, all small standard breeding stock must have their height "Veterinarian Certified" at age three years (possibly sooner, depending on the individual case) to be considered for entry/registration or to obtain a permanent Certificate.  A signed Vet Height Form must be on file with the MJHB&R.  This includes any bulls or cows which have a standard Jersey as their dam.  This form is located below and may be printed from this site for free, then scanned and emailed, or snail mailed to:

                                                MJHB Administrator, P.O. Box 2022, Cleveland, GA 30528

The Vet measuring the animal is certifying by their signature on this form, that he/she did in fact measure the stated animal as described on the form and the measurement given is accurate for that animal. All mid-sized (small standard) cattle currently listed in the MJHB&R must have current measurements, pictures and complete DNA information on file as of January 1st, 2014 to be grandfathered into this policy.  After this date, no grandfathered animals will be allowed.  Any cattle removed from the Pedigree Listing because of incomplete information must be re-submitted under the new policies since ample time was given to bring them to completion. No exceptions will be made. Please keep in mind that our focus here is to preserve/create miniatures and not duplicate the AJCA.  

Submission Form:
Printable and FREE

Veterinarian Certification Form ( Printable and FREE )

Information will be updated within 72 hours of receipt. 

When the Herd Book reaches 1000 entries of actual miniatures (we are really close!), it is my desire to publish this Book in print. These copies will be available for sale to interested parties, with all proceeds returned to the MJHB&R. Then, a new volume will follow bi-annually as our numbers grow. The orignal and Official Miniature Jersey Herd Book will contain pictures of all miniature Jersey cattle taken from the Miniature Jersey Pedigree Listing as well as pictures submitted by owners/breeders from their farms. The first volume will contain the actual documented history of our breed, but will not be repeated in future volumes. We feel that this is yet another way to publicize our cattle as well as have our cattle in the hands of folks who would never see them otherwise. If you are interested in particpating in this option, please let us know.  

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