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3H Son Of A Duke

Large teats for handmilking
  • Price: $75/unit, no discounts

Barnyard Mini Doctor Smurf (Doc)

"Doc" was the very last bull produced on the historical farm of Nathan & Sherry Harris, in VA. We purchased him at 3 months of age, and he lived almost 9 years here at our farm. He was collected one time and did very well, but when this stock is gone, it's gone! Doc always threw small to very small offspring for us, and we have several out of his line here today. He has never failed to also give us vivid paint on his calves. One of the best bulls and bloodlines available today.
  • Price: $65/unit Buy 10/get one free

Frazier's Credentials (Rio)

Frazier's Credentials Rio, was born and raised here in Georgia. He is an excellent bull that produces miniatures if bred to miniature cows. His dam and full sister lives with us here at White Star Farm, GA. Rio now resides in Texas. This bull produces consistently small and lighter colored offspring. Rio is a2a2 and hetero polled and an actual mini at excellent choice for breeding your cows. We will only offer a few more units for sale. Thank you for your consideration of our stock.
  • Price: $75/unit, no discounts

Hester's Ruda (D)

Hester's Ruda is one of my personal favorites. He was a well behaved bull to the last day of his life here. Ruda is one of the earliest bulls to carry on historical Mini Jersey genetics and to be one of the last animals that Annette Hester's produce or sold. Annette was one of the earliest breeders of the Mini Jerseys. We are so thankful to be able to have collected Ruda for preservation and will sell units until we reach only 50, then hold those for us here. We still prefer the original bulls, who were actually miniature, for breeding the best pedigrees on our farm. Ruda will almost guarantee paint and smaller sizes in your offspring, he has also done this for us. Can't go wrong with Hester's Ruda! Again, when these units are gone, they are gone forever!
  • Price: $75/unit Buy 10/get one free

MHF Tommy Hawk

MHF Tommy Hawk was bred and born here in Georgia, to a dear friend of ours. We purchased him and he services our girls for several years, then we moved him to another farm. Tommy doesn't produce paint, but his small size and perfect demeanor made him a very easy keeper. We still keep stock on our farm out of Tommy. He is the epitome of a real well bred Mini Jersey bull.....nice udders on his daughters, too!
  • Price: $75/unit Buy 10/get one free

Rocking Robin's Holdin' Strong

heavy milk lines - painted
  • Price: $75/unit, no discounts

White Star Farm Boomerang

WSF Boomerang is a gorgeous well behaved and actual miniature bull. He has strong paint genetics in his pedigree as well as smaller sized offspring. He has over 10 live offspring at his original home...all small birthweight animals. His pedigree is one of the oldest in this breed. Give him a try and you won't be disappointed! 530-366-6188
  • Price: $75/unit Buy 10 get 1 Free

White Star Farm Bugsy

WSF Bugsy is from our earliest lines of Mini Jerseys. We once had 5 live generations of his pedigree on our farm! His dam hails from the Meadow Beauty lines of Mary Ruth Conklin, of of the earliest breeders of Mini Jerseys. We still have Bugsy's half sister, WSF Raindance (DOOZY) here on our farm today. Bugsy remained just under 42" at maturity and was a well behaved, well conformed bull. We have CSS semen approved for sale to Canada, South America and a few other countries.
  • Price: $65/unit Buy 10/get one free CSS

White Star Farm Peter Piper

WSF Peter Piper has recently been collected after we had his first offspring, a heifer, born here. He will be a superb breeding bull! He is tri-colored, a2a2, homo polled and is right at 37.5" tall at 28 months of age. He is super gentle and was bottle raised here by me for gentleness. Peter Piper has historical mini Jersey genetics on both sides of his pedigree. We consider him the apex of our bull breeding program. If you are looking for a supreme and actual miniature that throws miniatures, this bull may be the one! Thank you for considering our excellent stock!
  • Price: $75/unit Buy 10 get 1 Free
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