The Sale Barn is for paid Member/Owners and Breeders to advertise bulls, cows and calves for sale. Any related cow/dairy equipment or supplies may be advertised under the same guidelines.

Buyers are advised to do your homework BEFORE any money exchanges hands or the purchase of any animal.

Please read the following:

  • It is advised to actually SEE the animal before purchasing.
  • It is HIGHLY advisable to have disease testing performed PRIOR to any purchase (BLV, BVD and Johne's as well as others, that may affect your health and that of your family.)  Never take a seller's word that they are negative...ask for copies of the recent testing.
  • Never put more than a small deposit (usually non-refundable depending on the seller) on any animal, born or unborn, regardless of  “sales pitch”. There will always be cows for sale!
  • Only deal with people whom you have been referred to or know to be reputable
  • Verify ear tattoos, registration/DNA paperwork, vaccination records, etc
  • View parents of calves on site and their interaction with the owner/breeder
  • Ask questions! If the seller won’t/can’t answer your questions, walk away!

This Herd Book will facilitate you in making good choices in the purchasing of your family dairy cattle. The Herd Book is not responsible for any misrepresentations listed here, although all ads are verified as well as they can be. Ads will be placed for FREE to all paid members for a 90 day period. After 90 days, the ad will be deleted, but may be posted again for the next 90 days period. This listing will be PUBLIC, so choose your information carefully and accurately! This list will be refreshed every time a new ad is posted. If your item sells, please contact the Herd Book Administrator to have the ad removed at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..